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About Us

We are a team of educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and community organizers who are passionate about planting the seeds of innovating for good. 

Build a Robot is the only provider of computer science, coding and robotics classes that is combined with social emotional learning to help kids (our future and current problem solvers & leaders) be human-centered through the development of skills in empathy, positive thinking, collaboration, creativity, perseverance and lifelong learning. 

Why You Should Join Us

Our common goal is to provide opportunities for students to build 21st century skills like problem solving, creativity, & growth mindset and to become leaders with empathy. 

Join our community to exchange ideas, explore courses, attend events, meet interesting people, learn and grow! 

You must be 13 and older to join. 

A Big Thanks

We want to empower all kids to imagine, build, and create solutions for a diverse, inclusive, and thriving society. Thank you for joining us, supporting us, and helping us learn and grow!